White BLM Leader Shaun King Had to Buy $40K Show Dog to Stop White Supremacists

First, there was Shaun King's $842K mansion to fight white supremacy.

King, 41, moved earlier this year from a luxury two-bedroom apartment in downtown Brooklyn, to the five-bedroom, 3,000 square foot North Brunswick, NJ, property, with “a lakefront backyard” and gourmet kitchen, according to public records.

The property, surrounded by lush, tall trees, was purchased by King’s wife, Rai-Tonicia King, a Ph.D. candidate and educator, in November 2020 for $842,000, public records show.

King has been dogged for years by allegations of shady dealings in his charitable efforts in movements he has founded — including a lack of transparency in money he has raised for several criminal justice initiatives he has backed.

King co-founded the Real Justice political action committee in 2017 with former Black Lives Matter leader Patrisse Cullors, who resigned from BLM a month after The Post revealed she had spent more than $3 million on real estate in the US.

King predictably played the victim.

Activist Shaun King said on Instagram that he and his family have decided to move out of their home after pictures of his $842,000 house were shared online by the New York Post and other sources.

King wrote on social media, “Today, I’ve had to make a heartbreaking decision. After a combination of Fox News, the NY Post, and other outlets posted pictures of my home across the Internet, we’ve now seen our address posted all over the internet. Strangers have already started coming by the house. My kids can’t even go outside and play during the final month of summer break. So, we’re moving.”

“It was a quiet and peaceful refuge for her, for our 5 kids, for the dogs, and for our mothers. And it wasn’t excessive…But now we’re not safe. And will never be safe here again.”

So they got a $40K show dog.

Shaun King's social justice PAC is going to the dogs. Literally.

Grassroots Law PAC, which the progressive grifter founded to elect soft-on-crime local officials, paid roughly $40,000 since December to the California-based Potrero Performance Dogs, according to campaign finance disclosures. The payments are labeled for "contractor services," making their purpose difficult to discern. But days after a $30,650 payment in February, King welcomed a "new member of the King family": an award-winning mastiff bred by Potrero named Marz.

While King said Marz would provide "alertness and protection" alongside duties as a family pet, it appears the thoroughbred is no longer in the activist's care. Potrero Performance Dogs showed Marz at an American Kennel Club competition earlier this month, where he won Best in Show. The breeder said in a social media post this month that Marz was back in its care because "he's got a little too much energy to be a family dog so he came back."

Shaun King blames it all on white supremacy.

In a rambling Instagram post, King also railed against strict gun control laws in New York and New Jersey, insisting they kept him from arming himself to protect his wife and kids from death threats purportedly made by “police, military snipers and white supremacist groups.”

“I have to say some things that I’ve worked hard to keep private for the safety and security of my family,” he began his statement.

“Before you talk about how I should defend myself with guns, New York City won’t even allow me to have a gun. New Jersey doesn’t have stand your ground laws and hardly allows you to even own guns,” he wrote.

In follow-up posts, King also issued an unhinged threat against the “motherf–kers that won’t leave me and my wife and kids alone,” warning:  “I’m about to return this pain back to you.”

Red flag laws?

King claims that, "compared to what 24/7 human security costs, Marz was affordable. We made sure that the purchase was legal and compliant before making it. ⁣"

German shepherd puppies run to a few thousand. There are shelter dogs that are perfectly capable of burning and jumping on any intruder. 

But here's hoping that King then gets a yacht to fight white supremacy.


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