French the Only People Who Still Support a Syrian War

President Hollande of France is determined to fight until the last American.


In most places the popularity of the Syrian War hovers somewhere between the black plague and a Biden presidency. In the US and UK, sizable margins of citizens oppose any involvement.

David Cameron became the first Prime Minister since the American Revolution to lose a parliamentary war vote. (BBC blames the Iraq example, maybe they should blame the Revolution example.)

The UK is now out of the war running. Germany isn't interested. Neither are Germans. And when even the Germans don't want to invade, who could possibly by left?

The French who support fighting in Syria to the last American

President Hollande of France said that the vote by the UK Parliament would not affect France's will to act.

He supported "firm" punitive action over an attack which had caused "irreparable" harm to the Syrian people. When asked if France could act against Syria without Britain he said: "Yes. Each country is sovereign to participate or not."

Although there is no public enthusiasm for military action against Syria, the polls in France are interesting. Somewhere between 45% and 55% of the French people favour punishing Assad.

The strongest opponents of military action are the far right. The Socialists are the most enthusiastic supporters

45 to 55 percent is not exactly sky high, but it is compared to the US and UK numbers. And the Socialists get to distract France from Hollande's economic ineptness with another war.

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