48% of US Births Took Place at Poverty Level

That's our unsustainable future


That's rather bad news because it not only tells us that poverty is ubiquitous, but that the birth rate is swinging deeper into its trenches, meaning more people carrying fewer people.

Or to put it another way, if you want a picture of the future, imagine a thousand Detroits being subsidized by ten thousand suburbs of government employees and those suburbs being subsidized by the printing presses of Washington.

According to researchers from the George Washington University (GWU) School of Public Health, in 2010, almost half of all births in the United States were paid for by Medicaid, and that rate is only going to go up. Medicaid was responsible for 48% of the 3.8 million births in 2010, an increase of 90,000 births from 2008, which was an 8% increase during that period.

In New York City in 2009, 76% of Hispanic births were covered by Medicaid, 70% of births in the black community were covered, and 31% of whites.

That's our unsustainable future. Forget about the racial or class warfare politics. It's simply economically unsustainable. The same process that is bankrupting cities will inevitably bankrupt the country.

Someone has to pay for that Medicaid. If the trajectory continues at this rate, there will be fewer people paying for more subsidies for more people. And not all the prattle about the 1 percent will change that.