CAIR's Islamophobia Report Attacks Anti-Terrorist Muslims

Like the CAP report, CAIR gives the game away by going after Muslims who have spoken out against terrorism.


CAIR has followed up on the Center for American Progress' "Islamophobia Network" report with its own "Islamophobia" report going over much of the same ground... a vast conspiracy organizing hatred of Muslims in America.

Muslim terrorism is never mentioned. That's convenient considering that CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in funding terrorism. Like the CAP report, CAIR gives the game away by going after Muslims who have spoken out against terrorism.

And predictably the target is Dr. Zuhdi Jasser who has spoken out against CAIR and in support of the NYPD's efforts to fight terrorism.

The CAIR report states, "According to its 2011 IRS filings, “AIFD’s mission is to advocate for the preservation of our US Constitution, liberty and freedom, through the separation of mosque and state.” The group is led by Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, its president and founder.

Dr. Jasser believes, “…operationally, Islam is not peaceful.”

Five word quotes from the middle of a sentence tell you that some context is being cut out. Here's the context.

Q. As the founder of a group whose mission is to fight radical Islam, do you think Islam is a religion of peace?

A. In my mind and in my own family obviously Islam is not only peaceful but also a moral grounding in doing what’s right: giving back to my family, giving back to God, and giving back to my country and community. But the reality is that operationally, Islam is not peaceful. The title of my book, which is coming out next year, is called “The Battle for the Soul of Islam” because I think that the silent majority of Muslims who believe that Islam is peaceful, that Sharia is a personal decision which should not be part of government, can’t sit back and be in denial. We have to demonstrate that the Islam of Wahhabism, of the Muslim Brotherhood and all these radical groups, is not our Islam by publicly engaging other Muslims to prove that these things can be reformed, and that we can do that without losing our faith.

Q. How do people respond to that statement?

A. When people take that out of context, it’s used against me. But when they take it in context and they know how much I love my faith, they realize that I am just a realist. It’s like treating a person with cancer. Does the whole patient become evil if they have a cancer that you’re trying to get rid of? I never said that Islam is an evil religion; it’s my faith. But I am realistic enough to realize that when you look at the last 220 arrests on terrorism in the U.S., 180 of them are Muslim. You can’t sit back and say that these are just crazy people and it has nothing to do with their interpretation of the religion. There is nothing more pro-Islamic to me than marginalizing theocrats and radicalism.

The full exchange shows that Dr. Zuhdi Jasser is not rejecting Islam, he speaking of a conflict between how Islam is practiced by groups like CAIR and how most Muslims (in America?) would like to practice it.

I obviously disagree with that. So will most people here. But the point is that CAIR once again takes a five word out of context quote and uses it to attack a critic calling for a moderate Islam. And this isn't the first time that they have done this.

It's a rather blatant show of dishonesty and bad faith that makes it seem as if Jasser is rejecting Islam, when he's simply conceding that Islam as it is practiced is often violent, while arguing for another kind of Islam.

CAIR isn't really interested in fighting "bigotry". Its Islamophobia is being used as a club against Muslim reformers because it represents the Muslim Brotherhood and its Gulf allies.

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