Gov. Moonbeam Signs Law Allowing California Children to Have More Than 2 Parents

Didn't Hillary claim it takes a village to raise a child? That's a lot of parents.


California is truly progressive. It's so progressive that it has actually progressed beyond biology. Forget such classics of the gay rights movement as "My Mom has Two Dads" and "My Grandpa is Really a Woman".

We're going truly post-nuclear here into cold fusion territory.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Friday that will allow children in California to have more than two legal parents, a measure opposed by some conservative groups as an attack on the traditional family.

Crazy people. Why would anyone think that a child having 300 loving parents is an attack on the traditional family? Isn't it better for a child to have 300 loving parents? Also didn't Britney Spears get married and divorced?

In entirely unrelated news, Jerry Brown was closely involved with the Jim Jones cult which used its political influence to illegally "adopt" children whom it later killed.

Despite this, Jerry Brown is Governor of California and Harvey Milk, who was even more closely involved with Jim Jones, is a gay rights icon.

Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) said he authored the measure to address the changes in family structure in California, including situations in which same-sex couples have a child with an opposite-sex biological parent.

The law will allow the courts to recognize three or more legal parents so that custody and financial responsibility can be shared by all those involved in raising a child, Leno said.

Didn't Hillary claim it takes a village to raise a child? That's a lot of parents.

The bill was partially a reaction to a 2011 court decision involving a lesbian couple that briefly ended their relationship, according to Leno's office. One of the women was impregnated by a man before the women resumed their relationship. A fight broke out, putting one of the women in the hospital and the other in jail, but the daughter was sent to foster care because her biological father did not have parental rights.

I blame intolerant conservatives for failing to see that it's in the best interests of the child to have a lesbian-part-time-lesbian-man-who-impregnated-part-time-lesbian family so she can grow up to be a serial killer.

It's the New Normal.

The measure was opposed in the Legislature by the conservative Capitol Resource Institute, which called it detrimental to children. The group said children thrive in homes with their biological mother and father, or with adoptive parents being male and female role models.

Brown vetoed a similar bill last year, and his representatives did not return calls for comment on what changed his mind.

A renewed fondness for Jim Jones' Rainbow Family?

 Jim still needed some homosexuals. He was determined to make Peoples Temple a more openly homosexual church to stop insiders and outsiders from turning against him in case his own homosexual arrest became public.

And yes, Rainbow Family was the actual name. But what could possibly be wrong with children having 300 loving parents who will make them drink poisoned kool aid?

You have to be some sort of crazy right-wing nut to think that.