Parks Director Claims He Had to Shut Down WW2 Memorial to Fight Terrorism

Apparently terrorists can't get through barricades.


Apparently terrorists can't get through sawhorses. Also apparently the Parks Service has the people to forcibly shut down local businesses, but couldn't spare the people to monitor the WW2 memorial for suicide bombers.

The National Park Service director told Congress on Wednesday that he had to shut down the open-air memorials on the Mall during the government shutdown because of terrorism, saying that closing them was the only way to protect them “in a post-9/11 world.”

Director Jonathan B. Jarvis also said his agency had received intelligence showing an increased threat of danger since the shutdown began — though he would not tell two House committees what those warnings were.

Wait. Wait.

The National Parks Service is now receiving intelligence warnings about terrorist attacks? Did this intel by any chance consist of emails from the Southern Poverty Law Center about a mass veterans attack?

Mr. Issa said the monuments on the Mall remained open during the 1995-1996 shutdowns, and wanted to know why Mr. Jarvis acted differently this time.

The director said the threat of terrorism makes things different.

“Even though the U.S. Park Police commissioned officers have been exempted from the furlough, given the limited staff resources during the shutdown, prudent and practical steps were taken to secure life and property at these national icons where security has become increasingly complex in a post-9/11 world,” he says in his prepared testimony.

The threat of terrorism isn't even in the NPS' department. It would fall to the FBI and the local police who would alert the NPS to be on alert. That's about it.

And did the National Park Service shut down Yellowstone because of a terrorist threat? What were the terrorists going to do? Bomb Old Faithful? Why did the Grand Canyon have to be shut down? Why did the NPS forcibly shut down private businesses on Federal land? Why did the NPS try to shut down Claude Moore Colonial Farm which is volunteer run?

Fact of the matter is that even Jarvis admits that park cops were deemed essential personnel. So the NPS's law enforcement end wasn't affected. It had plenty of park cops to

1. Hassle joggers

2. Mount a 24/7 siege of the Pisgah Inn in North Carolina to keep the business closed

3. Try and fail to barricade Mount Vernon, which they had nothing to even do with

Jarvis is just breaking out crazier and crazier lies.