"You Cannot Love America in Theory and Hate it in Fact."

The left can only love America as a theoretical Socialist state.

That quote comes from a Fareed Zakaria screed about the evil Republicans.

The era of crisis could end but only when this group of conservatives makes its peace with today’s America. They are misty-eyed in their devotion to a distant republic of myth and memory yet they are passionate in their dislike of the messy multi-racial capitalist and welfare state democracy that America actually has been for half a century, a fifth of this nation’s history. At some point will they realize that you cannot love America in theory and hate it in fact.

That indictment could be much more decisively applied to liberals than conservatives who remain passionately devoted to some imaginary Camelot, an ivory tower state without borders or budgets that can only come into being by destroying the America that exists. When Michelle Obama described being proud of the country for the first time when her husband was elected, that summed up the disease moral state of liberalism which only approves of the America that they create by destroying America. If conservatives sometimes romanticize the past, what they are attached to is an actual America. Liberals largely despise the nation of even the past 50 years. Their highlights are few and far between. They begin with the Civil Rights Movement and the election of the latest Great Liberal Savior on a mission to turn America into Europe... only to depart a failure. Conservatives don't love a theoretical America. They love the America that was and can be again. It is the left that loves only a hypothetical America that never existed and can never exist because it already failed everywhere it's been trained from Russia to China to France. And it is the left that hates America. What are the careers of Howard Zinn, Oliver Stone, Michael Moore and countless others a testament to anything except the deep-seated loathing of America? The left can only love America as a theoretical Socialist state. But they hate the reality of it in every possible way.