Darrell Issa has an Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill

It's not amnesty. It just legalizes illegal aliens and puts them on a path to citizenship


I know. I know.

It's not amnesty. It's just a bill that legalizes illegal aliens and puts them on a path to citizenship. No amnesty to see here.

Issa’s forthcoming legislation takes elements from similar legislation he introduced in December 2003, the Alien Accountability Act. The six-year period is intended to whittle down the undocumented immigrant population into several categories, such as immigrants with family ties to U.S. citizens or immigrants who want to participate in a guest-worker program.

And you know, the vast majority that want to get as much welfare as they can and bring their relatives here and get them on welfare and vote for more welfare.

I don't think that Issa's party. But maybe it will be.

Bringing undocumented immigrants out “of the shadows” would also help the government identify undocumented immigrants with a criminal background, who would be deported from the United States, Issa said.

Unless the criminals stay in the shadows. Or the background checks prove to be as worthless as they have been all along. Or unless the aliens have been using five different identities.

But if we just deported illegal aliens who commit crimes and pegged funding to cities and states, particularly for law enforcement, based on whether they cooperate with deportations, the sanctuary city would vanish faster than beer for minors when Clinton threatened to hold up highway funds to Louisiana after the drinking age was struck down.

But what is this "shadows" nonsense anyway? What is the point of asking people who broke the law to come out of the shadows just to legalize their lawbreaking?

“If somebody has a nexus that would reasonably allow them to become permanent residents and American citizen, we should allow them to do that,” Issa said. He added: “Our view is that long before six years, people would be in those categories heading toward some other pathway, in a guest worker program, or of course, have left the country.”

What exactly is Issa's view based on?
Why are these people leaving the country? Why are they choosing a guest worker program instead of sticking it out for six years followed by sixty years of food stamps, Medicaid and Medicare?

The lawmaker added that he was in talks with a “number” of other lawmakers to sign on to the legislation, but declined to provide names.

How many of them are Democrats?