College Kicks Out Afrobeat Band for Being "Too White"

America may be ready for a black man in the White House, but not for a white Afrofunk band.


Apparently bands now have to be the same race as the music they're playing. That's going to be a problem. So no more white rappers or black classical musicians are allowed.

Finally we're achieving Martin Luther King's dream of a society firmly divided into segregated racial castes with everything in the cultural fridge labeled either "black" or "white".

Well someone's dream anyway. Maybe Louis Farrakhan's.

Shokazoba's cancellation from the Hampshire Halloween event Friday night at Hampshire College, after one band member said they were criticized of being "too white" to play Afrobeat music, is reverberating on social media.

Moses said the firestorm started when someone posted an inflammatory comment online about Hampshire College hiring an all-white band to play Afrobeat music for the event. He said the band is not all white, and race should not be an issue anyway.

"It's not important to us. Music and art has the opportunity to transcend all that," Moses.

America may be ready for a black man in the White House, but apparently it's not ready for a white Afrofunk band.

The Hype Committee wrote on its Facebook page on Oct. 24: "Due to concerned students voicing their opinions about the band Shokazoba, we held community dialogue to hear what individuals had to say. As a result of the dialogue, and discomfort expressed by members of the community in person as well as by email, Facebook, and other means, we have removed Shokazoba from the lineup for Hampshire Halloween."

Elaine Thomas, Hampshire College spokeswoman, said in a statement that the student organizers of Hampshire Halloween contracted with a number of bands, and that some students "questioned the selection of one band, asking whether it was a predominantly white Afrobeat band, and expressing their concerns about cultural appropriation and the need to respect marginalized cultures."

"The students tried to be clear that they meant no disrespect to the members of the band in question, but wished to raise larger questions and deeper thought within our own community."

I love liberal fascism. It's so warm and fuzzy. Full of words like "concern" and "dialogue" and "respect" and "discomfort".

Oh and thoughtful.

When you're banning a band for the color of their skin, you absolutely want to be thoughtful.

Said Moses, "It was just absolutely a disgusting experience."

"It felt like we were demonized. I didn't feel they should cancel us," he added.

Moses said the band had to sign a performance contract with the Hype Committee that stated it would not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, physical ability, or sexual orientation.

Apparently the college can discriminate, as long as it's affirmative action.


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