Pakistan: "Families Marry their Sons to the Young Girls to Gain a Child Servant"

"I got married when I was just 10.

Welcome to Pakistan. It might be in Pakistan or, thanks to immigration, it might be the next block over.

And it's not just Pakistani girls who suffer. Men from a culture where women are treated like this are not safe around any women, no matter what the law in America, Canada or Australia may be.

Aisha, 18: "I got married when I was just 10.

"At the time of the marriage, my husband was a school student, just 16 years old.

"My father had a second wife and he had a conflict with them, so he gave me away in order to settle the conflict with the second wife's family.

"The marriage was arranged by family, it was not a forced marriage - but I was a little girl at the time, I did not know the meaning of marriage and accepted it because I did not know any better. My husband was really harsh with me because of the fact that I did not know what a marriage was, and what the duties of a wife were.

"He wanted a sexual relationship but I did not even know what that was at the time, and so he started beating me to get it.

"My hand was fractured, and also my eyes suffered injuries and were severely affected from the beatings. Very early on in the marriage, I fell pregnant twice. Both children died due to my extremely young age.

"No one could help me - everyone remained silent. I guess they thought this is a tradition - that every woman should be beaten by her husband and this is his right to get his demands, to get what he wants.

"I did not escape - I compromised with him and stayed for the sake of two children we now have (two more, after the first two died).

"My children are the reason I have stayed. And my father is old now, I can't hurt him by leaving so I will stay - it's tradition. This is a tradition here in my village (in the Bannu district). Most females get married at 10-12 years old.

Men from a culture where this is the norm are never going to treat women decently. It's just a fact of life. If you think it's socially acceptable to rape a 10-year-old, then you will keep on doing it when you're in the UK too.