HillaryCare: "If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep Your Plan"

Hillary will try to run on her health care plan. But we already got her health care plan. It's ObamaCare.

It won't take too long for Hillary to begin running as the "experienced" candidate who blends liberalism with policy savvy.  For example, you wouldn't catch her pitching HillaryCare by promising something as absurd as "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan."

Except that of course she did.

When Obama and every other Democrat began making the same promise to the country, they weren't doing it impulsively. Like every talking point, e.g. "investing" for spending, they were reciting pollster-tested rhetoric that was supposed to make Americans feel comfortable with what they had to offer.

So Hillary starts off ridiculing those right wing conspiracy theories about a government takeover of health care. No worries, you'll be able to see your doctor and keep your health insurance.

So was Hillary telling the truth?

For one thing, Obama adopted Hillary's plan to the extent that ObamaCare should probably be called HillaryCare. There were similarities, because again, Obama and Hillary had no ideas of their own, they were vomiting up the dregs of liberal think tanks handfed to them by staffers.

Liberals actually blasted the Obama plan because it was looser, it didn't come with mandates or compel people to buy health insurance.

Here, let Paul Krugman tell it like it was.

The Obama campaign has demonized the idea of mandates — most recently in a scare-tactics mailer sent to voters that bears a striking resemblance to the “Harry and Louise” ads run by the insurance lobby in 1993, ads that helped undermine our last chance at getting universal health care.

And then Obama turned around and adopted mandates. HillaryCare became ObamaCare.

At a primary debate, Hillary complained that "Senator Obama has consistently said that I would force people to have health care whether they could afford it or not."

And Obama countered, "I have consistently said that Senator Clinton's got a good health care plan. I think I have a good health care plan. I think mine is better. But I have said that 95 percent of our health care plan is similar."

"The reason she thinks that there are more people covered under her plan than mine is because of a mandate. That is not a mandate for the government to provide coverage to everybody. It is a mandate that every individual purchase health care."

Which of course is exactly where he ended up going.

Hillary responded, "I know from the work I've done on health care for many years that if everyone's not in the system, we will continue to let the insurance companies do what's called cherry picking, pick those who get insurance and leave others out."

Obama replied, "That is a genuine difference between myself and Senator Clinton. And the last point I would make is, the insurance companies actually are happy to have a mandate. The insurance companies don't mind making sure that everybody has to purchase their product. That's not something they're objecting to. The question is, are we going to make sure that it is affordable for everybody? And that's my goal when I'm president of the United States."

Except Obama didn't make it affordable and did add a mandate getting us to where we are now.

Now Hillary will try to run on her health care plan. But we already got her health care plan. It's ObamaCare.

But what difference does it make anyway?