Black Leaders Blame Obama for Racist Knockout Game

The black community needs to take some ownership of this culture of hatred.

They don't actually say Obama. It's the lack of jobs.

Community leaders in East New York say that jobs are the answer to ending the so-called "knockout" game.

Councilman Charles Barron and other local activists spoke publicly for a second time about a rash of assaults involving young people punching unsuspecting victims. Barron says the root of the problem is that young people need jobs to help keep them out of trouble.

In recent weeks, at least half a dozen people have been randomly assaulted in Brooklyn. Officials say suspects are participating in a dangerous nationwide trend that allegedly involves attempting to knock out victims with a single punch.

Unemployment is always the excuse. But it's not much of an excuse. The same people complaining about the lack of jobs vote for politicians who kill jobs in the black community. Politicians like Obama and Bill de Blasio.

And the jobs issue only has so much relevance considering that many of the perps are teenagers who wouldn't likely be holding jobs anyway and that black hate crime rates and crime rates in general have been high for a while. Unemployment no doubt makes them worse, but let's not pretend that generations of hateful rhetoric did not make things worse.

Black leaders have a tendency to say racist things and then play innocent. Sharpton has moved high enough up the ladder that he's condemning the Knockout Game, but in his day, his thugs did far worse than that and he used racist rhetoric casually.

The black community needs to take some ownership of this culture of hatred.