13 People Lost Health Insurance for Every Person Buying an ObamaCare Plan

Millions had to lose their health insurance so the ObamaPhones could get ObamaCare


It's for the greater good. Of the minority. Apparently.

I emphasize bought because ObamaCare is mainly there so far as a Medicaid funnel. But even if you assume that all the people getting their Medicaid on through ObamaCare's sites were the same people who lost their health insurance because of ObamaCare, we still have a mere gap of 4 million people.

Or as the media would call it a tiny minority. Unfortunately the number of people actually getting health insurance is an even tinier minority.

Just about 1.2 million people have gained health coverage through Obamacare, according to new federal data released Wednesday morning. Approximately 365,000 of those people have purchased private insurance and 803,000 have been determined to be eligible for the public Medicaid program. These numbers count data from both October and November, and show an especially quick growth in HealthCare.gov enrollment.

Surprisingly the majority of users of a government website want free stuff. The users of government who are most adept at this sort of thing, who head right to be an ObamaCare navigator in their local community center tend to be experienced consumers of taxpayer money.

We're not talking the young invincibles here, the bros doing their keg stands and the hos shrieking over the Hey Girl posters. We're talking New York, Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles. We're talking failed cities and failed populations.

The private health insurance market had to be trashed and 5 million people had to lose their coverage so the ObamaPhone crowd could get more ObamaCare.

1- At least 5 million people have lost coverage due to policies being cancelled thanks to ObamaCare. So that 365,000 number is insignificant compared to that. There will no doubt be more uninsured on January 1 than there were on October 1. Don't let them get away with pretending "1.2 million people who didn't have insurance have it now!".

Liberals will point to the new "enrollments" (and assume they will pay and become actual customers) while ignoring the previously uninsured who won't get coverage in time or be able to afford the new rates and deductibles.

The are simply redistributing health insurance from those who paid for it to those who didn't. This is a victory in their minds.

California accounts for about 30% of total Obamacare sign-ups, at 107,087. New York, another state running its own exchange, has provided more than 45,000 enrollments.

How utterly unpredictable