Oliver Stone to Make Movie About Socialist Dictator Who Returns from the Dead in Bird Form

Oliver Stone combines his two favorite hobbies; Communism and cocaine.


At least that's the movie he would make if current Venezuelan tyrant Nicolas Maduro has anything to say about it. And it's the movie that Hugo Chavez deserves.

A movie that depicts Chavez's return in bird form to Maduro, as described by Maduro, using top quality special effects. Also scenes of Chavez appearing on a subway wall and in a pile of cocaine being snorted by Maduro.

A movie that shows the ghost of Chavez launching the ancient Indian curse that Maduro warned would befall those who don't vote for him. And the climax would pan up from Maduro sleeping in Chavez's mausoleum while Chavez voters gleefully loot TV sets from electronics stores.

Instead Oliver Stone will probably just paste together some interviews with Hugo Chavez, scenes of him trying to make his own cars and cellphones, with attacks on George W. Bush and nobody will watch it except the same 15 aging hippies who go to all his movies and then leave muttering that he sold out to the banks because he won't make a movie celebrating Stalin.

“Oliver Stone is preparing a very lovely film about our commander-in-chief Hugo Chávez,” Maduro announced last week in an official state event following the director’s visit to the troubled state.

Venezuelan state TV described the visit as friendly and Stone as an award-winning director with “good relations with Venezuela,” publishing a slideshow and video of the meeting between the director and world leader.

Maduro really is insane if he thinks he's a world leader. But at least Oliver Stone is the one major country that Maduro's insane antics have yet to alienate.

Major Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional reports that the nation’s Minister of Communications and Information Delcy Rodríguez confirmed the upcoming film on her Twitter account, and that the government is excited about the project because of Stone’s previously “very affable” depiction of Chávez in the documentary South of the Border

Sure. It let Oliver Stone combine his two favorite hobbies; Communism and cocaine.