Maine Struggles to Cut Off Welfare for Somali Migrants

But no funding is available for 3,100 of our most needy.

Somalis have made Somalia a very pleasant place to live. Between the Muslim militias shooting at each other and the amateur hyena psychiatry sessions, it's  perfect. That's why most Somalis are getting the hell out of there and moving to other countries that they can remake into Somalia.

There are Little Mogadishus all across America, but few places have been hit as hard by Somali Muslim migrants as Maine whose generous benefits system is struggling to cope with the Somali settlers.

Lewiston Mayor Robert E. MacDonald has written sharply about the Somali welfare invasion and its impact on Maine natives.

Today in Maine our legislators make sure that money is available for those who flock to Maine, many with their GPS programmed for Lewiston, to obtain the generous welfare benefits offered by our caring Legislature. But for 3,100 of our most needy, those who cannot survive without assisted living, the funding for home- or community-based care is not available.

Then we have the asylum seekers. They come from Europe, Asia, Africa, North or South America. They obtain visas to enter our country. They must declare why they are seeking entry (education, seasonal work, etc.), and further declare that they have a place to stay, money to cover their stay and a home to go back to. Once in our country, they suddenly declare that harm will come to them if they return to their country of origin.

An investigation into their claim is initiated by the federal government. This investigation takes many months to complete. In the meantime, housing, clothing, medication, food, utilities, etc. must be paid for, as they have no money. The federal and state government will not pick up their expenses.

How do they survive? On the forced funding by local taxpayers. But no funding is available for 3,100 of our most needy.

Now Maine governor Paul LePage is trying to shut down the Somali settlers' free lunch.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage's administration has proposed a rule that would prevent asylum seekers from getting cash assistance.

The Republican governor's proposal for the General Assistance program would impact new immigrants who aren't citizens and aren't official refugees. The state says it doesn't know how many people would be affected.

Critics say ending funding for the program will force communities to provide basic needs for asylum seekers through soup kitchens and emergency shelters.

It might, but if they do a bad enough job of it, the Somalis might get the message and search for their promised welfare land somewhere else.

But you can't just stop feeding stray dogs or racoons. The moment you do that, the lawsuits begin.

A legal advocacy group has warned city and state officials that a proposed rule change at the Department of Health and Human Services could cut off benefits to members of Maine’s immigrant population.

Robin Merrill, a senior policy analyst with Maine Equal Justice Partners, met with members of the Portland City Council and the legislative delegation on Monday and talked about a proposed rule change that could cause some members of the immigrant community to lose general assistance.

“This would be devastating for Portland and for Lewiston,” Merrill said.

The Somali settlements in Maine are devastating for Lewiston and all of Maine.

Maine has gone from having no gang members a few years ago to having 4,000 of them. Mainahs have gone from thinking of gang members as something they saw on COPS to something they see when they look out the window.

Vacationland now hosts the True Somali Bloods and the True Sudanese Bloods who spill each other’s blood to find out who has the truest blood of them all. In Lewiston, Somali flash mobs attack natives. In Bangor, a Somali gang is at the heart of local crime.

Somalis are slowly turning Maine into Somalia.