Democrat Blames "Partisanism, Racism, Classicism and Negativism" for Defeat

"It's been strategized so the only person who will lose in this situation is me."


Also apparently bullying. And possibly her own illiteracy.

Debra Dagwan appears to be a former gym teacher who ended up becoming the president of Barnstable's Town Council despite her tendency to compulsively say stupid things. Now that she's lost the job, she's so angry that she could split infinitives.

Dagwan, who has served as the Precinct 8 councilor since 2009, lost the presidency of the 13-member board to Precinct 7 Councilor and recent Vice President Jessica Rapp Grassetti 8-4.

"For me this stinks of partisanism, racism, classicism and negativism," Dagwan said during a speech before the Dec. 19 vote.

Also manifest suckism, disappointism and unfairnism.

"It's been strategized so the only person who will lose in this situation is me," Dagwan said.

Also the English language which is a clear loser in any event involving Debra Dagwan.

Dagwan alluded to bullying on the council and said that, although she had not filed a formal complaint, she had contacted the state attorney general's office to find out if anything inappropriate had occurred in the run-up to the elections.

"I will not join the mean girls club or the bully club," she said. "We don't have the right to intimidate any councilor up here."

Dagwan is angry at all this bullying and will prove it by bullying those who didn't vote for her.

On Thursday, Canedy declined to comment on the specific statements Dagwan made during last week's meeting but said Chirigotis' extended presidency may have led to confusion.

"She maybe kind of believes that that's the norm," Canedy said.

Instead, the council leadership should change more frequently, Canedy said.

"It was just for me a matter of getting back to the way we used to do it," she said. "I didn't think it was healthy."

Where might Dagwan have gotten the message that she's president-for-life? Maybe back when she was hosting the Hyannis House Party for Obama last year.

resist much we must

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