What Samantha Power Forgot About the Soviet Role in the Holocaust

The Soviet Union's pact with Nazi Germany made Auschwitz possible.


Samantha Power, who once discussed invading Israel, decided to use the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz to link it to the Syrian Civil War.

"In 1945, Russian soldiers liberated Auschwitz. Sixty-nine year later, if the United Nations is to live up to the noble purposes for which it was founded, the world again needs Russia to use its influence, this time, to ensure that food reaches the desperate and starving people imprisoned in besieged Homs, Yarmouk, the Damascus suburbs, and elsewhere," she added.

Considering that much of Syria thinks that the Holocaust was a good idea that didn't go far enough and has tried to repeat it, the linkage is inappropriate at best.

As is Power's invocation of the Soviets as liberators. The Red Army did indeed take Auschwitz, but the Soviet Union's pact with Nazi Germany had helped make Auschwitz possible.

The left worked hard to revise history and transform the USSR into the stalwart anti-fascist resistance with the Allies as virtual collaborators, when it had actually been the other way around.

The Soviet Union then spent decades minimizing and denying the Holocaust. And toward the end of his life, Stalin had allegedly planned to carry out his own Holocaust.  The Red Holocaust used the Doctor's Plot as its Kristalnacht, it was meant to scale up to riots that would culminate in mass deportations to Siberian camps.

Stalin's plan was aborted by his own death, but in his lifetime, his purges had killed large numbers of Jews. And the killings did not stop with his death. Khrushchev continued targeting Jews leading to protests from the European left. The death toll under Khruschev and subsequent Soviet leaders decreased, but never stopped.

The Soviet Union was not torn down the way that Nazi Germany was and its intelligence operations remained intact. The process of assembling the data on the victims is still ongoing and faces challenges. But it's worth noting that even in the USSR's death throes, one of the three civilians killed in the final coup, Ilya Krichevsky, was Jewish.

Auschwitz wasn't liberated because Stalin wanted to stop the killing. The killings would continue. Samantha Power is inappropriately hijacking Jewish history to promote a regime that engaged in mass murder on behalf of terrorist groups that seek to murder Jews.