Village Voice Accuses Harold Ramis of Racism, Global Warming Skepticism

When a man dies, it's time for progressives to accuse him of racism.


In civilized society, a man's death is mourned. In progressive society, it's time to accuse him of racism.

The Village Voice's Alan Scherstuhl decided the way to commemorate the death of Harold Ramis was by suggesting he was promoting racism, sexism... and maybe even Global Warming skepticism.

Alan starts his article/paper for White Privilege 101 by claiming Animal House was racist. At least that's the message you take away from the movie if you wake up every morning screaming, "RACISM!"

The early, proudly disreputable comedies of Ramis, Bill Murray, and Ivan Reitman may seem dated now in some respects...

And are we truly meant to root for guys who describe Otis Day & the Knights as an example of "primitive cultures"? ("It's a joke," the defenders of old racist/sexist/homophobic jokes tend to say when people get mad about them. "Lighten up!" they shout.

Liberals never lighten up. Telling a liberal to lighten up just means they begin scribbling new denunciations in their little red notebooks

"He told me to lighten up demonstrating thereby his unthinking white privilege. I must Tweet this immediately."

In the film -- attacked as racist by Andrew Sarris in the Voice upon original release -- the slobs demonstrate their moral superiority over the snobs by appreciating black culture like "Shout!"

It's a little known fact that the Village Voice has attacked every movie ever made upon its release as racist. The Village Voice's review of The Lego Movie just consists of the word "Racism" repeated over and over again.

Meanwhile Ghostbusters, with its mockery of the EPA, promotes Global Warming skepticism. That's the first time Ghostbusters was accused of promoting skepticism of anything.

In the latter film, in which we're encouraged to believe Murray's Dr. Peter Venkman ever cared enough about anything to finish his dissertation, he's perfectly willing to piss away heaps of graduate funding in scam-artist ESP tests whose results he jacks to get himself laid.

Maybe that view of science explains why so many of Murray and Ramis's demographic group -- old white dudes -- believe climate-change research is some gimcrack conspiracy.

Yes, that's exactly why. People watched Ghostbusters and decided scientists were making it all up. Bill Murray and Harold Ramis have a lot to answer for.

By the end of Groundhog Day, after much consummate time-bending hurly-burly, Ramis teaches Murray's weatherman a lesson that Hollywood itself still hasn't quite learned: Hey, white hero, this world is something you should share.

Harold Ramis is dead. But so is film criticism, so all these little Pravda commentators denouncing every movie in line with their White Privilege handbook are going to have get real jobs pretty soon. I blame Caddyshack.

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