SEIU, Insane Leftists Protests $100 Mil Koch Donation to Hospital

"Healthcare is a human right! Medicare for ALL now!"


Like its California counterpart, the New York State Nurses Association spends more time protesting things and taking smoking breaks than actually caring for patients. After protesting a bunch of hospitals in February, the Association then protested International Women's Day or celebrated it with a protest against something or other.

Having run out of things to protest this week, the New York State Nurses Association and SEIU decided to protest David Koch's donation of $100 million to New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

This seemed like a timely protest because last month, the New York State Nurses Association was protesting the closure of New York hospitals. Now it was off to protest the non-closure of hospitals.

Jill "Crazy Eyes" Furillo, the executive director of the New York State Nurses Association, tried to explain why her band of loonies were protesting a hospital donation.

While they seek to curtail or cut off healthcare for millions, they expand healthcare in their own back yard.  David Koch, the younger brother and New York City’s wealthiest resident, lives within blocks of a new, $2 billion healthcare facility going up on Manhattan's East Side – a facility that will bear his name.  Hospitals in communities with pronounced need face closure, while David Koch helps fund a facility in a neighborhood already lined with clinics and hospitals.   Nurses see this as an assault on our patients.

The only nurses who see a new medical facility going up as an assault on patients ought to be hospitalized themselves.

But that didn't stop SEIU, Jill, the NAACP and assorted lefties from making fools of themselves by protesting a hospital wing. They didn't have demands so much as self-righteous chants. If the whole thing resembles an addled cult going about some strange ceremony, that's because that is what it was.

Because he paid for it?