BBC Free Speech Show Stops Gay Debate After Muslim Objections

The left believes in gay rights only until Muslims object.

No Homo!

The feminism debate probably doesn't have a bright future either. Once again British lefties are coming up against the fact that Islam is incompatible with free speech and minority rights.

BBC Three's Free Speech programme was broadcast from Birmingham Central Mosque last night, and one of the topics set to be debated was homosexuality and Islam.

A short clip was broadcast, featuring Asifa Lahore, Britain's "first and only" gay Muslim drag queen. The topic had "the most comments on the audience questions page", but this was still not enough for the BBC 'Free Speech' programme to force the issue with its venue hosts, the Birmingham Central Mosque.

As the clip ended, host Rick Edwards announced, "We were going to debate that question but today after speaking to the mosque they have expressed deep concerns with having this discussion here... so we'll move on to our next question".

Twitter users expressed their anger, with one claiming: "So the mosque hosting #FreeSpeech are "uncomfortable" with a question about gay Muslims? Kind of defeats the point of a show with that title".

The left doesn't really believe in free speech except insofar as it advances its agenda and gays come after Muslims on the Victim Value Index. The left believes in gender equality or gay rights only until Muslims object.