Muslims Force Gay Teacher to Quit

The left's rainbow coalition has a problem.


The left's rainbow coalition has a problem. But the left deals with it by ignoring it. The same people fuming over Eich, won't talk about this.

A gay assistant head teacher has been forced to resign after Muslim parents complained that they did not want their children learning that it’s OK to be homosexual.

The dispute at Birmingham’s Chilwell Croft Academy, which mainly involved Muslim parents, is the latest controversy surrounding a secular state school in the city.

Liam Nolan, the high- profile gay head teacher at Perry Beeches Academy in Birmingham, told the Sunday Times he had been ‘incredibly shocked that an assistant head teacher who was doing incredible work around relationship education had been intimidated by a small group of what are being seen as extremists in the city’.

He added: ‘The Muslim community is being allowed to influence government legislation around equality.’

In a statement, the school added: ‘A minority group of parents . . . objected to some of the resource books being used in literacy lessons with some of the oldest children in the school, which explored relationships in different families.

‘The . . . objections were primarily voiced by those whose own religion took an opposing stance to homosexuality.’

And which religion might that be? There's just no way to know.

This is happening in the UK rather than the US, but it's only a matter of time until with enough immigration from the Muslim world, we catch up to them. And then the left will have some tough choices to make.