Why Pollard Won't Be Released

Why would Obama give Netanyahu anything?


It's not going to happen.

Why? Because Obama doesn't need to do it.

Look back at the past year. Obama managed to get Netanyahu to release terrorists who had brutally murdered civilians in exchange for absolutely nothing... from the Palestinian Authority and from the administration.

The only reason that Pollard even came up is because Netanyahu tried to stall the endless demands by claiming that he couldn't keep making concessions without bringing down his government.

But that assumes that Obama doesn't want to bring down Netanyahu. Instead there's every reason to believe that he does. So why would Obama give Netanyahu anything?

The answer is he wouldn't.

That's not to say that he might not string along Netanyahu by creating the impression that Pollard is on the table. Clinton did the same thing to Netanyahu. And then he was gone from the table.

It's entirely possible that Netanyahu is helping feed the story to pacify members of his government and Obama is 'cooperating' to the extent of not shooting down the story.

And that's as far as it will go.

Now nothing is completely impossible and Obama has been known to break a lot of rules and he certainly doesn't care about Pollard one way or another, but he doesn't need to break this one. Pollard is too valuable, not because he knows anything, but because a lot of Israelis are willing to do anything for him, which means that he's too valuable to actually give up. It's easier to keep him as an ace in the hole.

The only result of the current wave of Pollard stories will be to increase his value and keep the same cycle going.

And that means that it's highly unlikely that Pollard will be released.