0.3% of Jewish Population of France Leaves in 3 Months

The number of French Jews leaving for Israel has been growing steadily.


If France didn't already have one of the largest Jewish populations in the world, in no small part because of the flight of Middle Eastern Jews from the Muslim world, immigration on this scale would have more of an impact.

As it is, it's fairly significant.

The number of French Jews emigrating to Israel rose nearly four-fold in the first quarter of the year and could touch a record in 2014, a Jewish organization said Monday.

The Jewish Agency for Israel, a global body responsible for the immigration and absorption of Jews into Israel, said 1,407 people left France for Israel between January and March against 353 people a year earlier.

The number of French Jews leaving for Israel has been growing steadily. A total of 1,907 left in 2012 and it rose to 3,280 in 2013.

If these numbers are correct then half as many French Jews got out in 3 months as in all of last year. It's not entirely clear what would have touched off this jump. It may be a growth in local Muslim violence that did not make the national news.

As it is, it once again demonstrates that Islam is incompatible with diversity. A growing Muslim population displaces other ethnic and religious groups who flee its intolerance.

Many of France's Jews fled Algeria and Morocco. Now they have to become refugees from Muslim intolerance all over again.