Leftists Denounce "American Taliban" University for Replacing Gender Studies w/Constitution

That is un-American and recalls the McCarthy blacklist era"


The University of South Carolina is dumping its Gender Studies center  which became notorious for holding an event titled “How to Be a Lesbian in 10 Days or Less” and is going to teach the US Constitution instead.

The horror. The humanity. The heterocisgenderpatriarchal privilege.

The Center for Women’s and Gender Studies (CWGS) at the University of South Carolina Upstate (USCU) will close on July 1 and the funding, previously allocated for CWGS, will be used to teach the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Federalist Papers.

The South Carolina House of Representatives wanted further cuts at both USCU and the College of Charleston, which had already seen budget cuts over mandated gay literature for freshmen students. However, the Senate was hesitant to cut funds for fear of academic censorship.

The chambers compromised by allotting the discussed funds toward teaching the provisions and principles of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Federalist Papers, as well as “the study of and devotion to American institutions and ideals.

The move puts South Carolina colleges back in compliance with a 90-year-old state law which requires colleges to teach students a year’s worth of courses on the nation’s founding documents.

The left is outraged and revolting. As usual.

The Morning News, owned by Warren Buffett, editorialized that this was "A chilling act of retribution" and "Required reading programs serve several purposes. Most importantly, though, the programs are intended to prepare students for the expectations of college-level discourse and open them up for the diversity they’ll find both on campus and in the real world. We’re not sure reciting the Bill of Rights, no doubt important to know, qualifies in that regard."

Just so you understand, the Morning News' official editorial is insisting that knowing the Bill of Rights is irrelevant to "college level discourse" and the real world. Unlike, "How to be a Lesbian in Ten Days."

This is America. This is America on the left's version of educational crack cocaine.

Meanwhile the petition signatures are even crazier.

Thomas Davies WOODRUFF, SC

As an alumni, a non-traditional student, and a straight, white, older man, I can't say enough about how my participation in WGS courses and the Center, changed my life for the better. Because enlightenment comes slowly to some outside academia, students, faculty, and staff need this resource. We cannot let an american Taliban rule our institutions of learning.

You're probably likelier to find the Taliban, both the metaphorical kind, and the Islamic kind, being supported by a Gender Studies center, than a Constitutional law center.

Just ask Professor Judith Butler.

Kurt Metzmeier LOUISVILLE, KY

That is un-American and recalls not only the McCarthy blacklist era but also the totalitarian regimes of the Cold War. They have come first for USC Upstate. I cannot say nothing.

Except he does. Also McCarthyism. And a fake poem about defending Communists by a Nazi sympathizer who never actually wrote it that the left quotes incessantly.

When leftist activists get people fired for their views, that's freedom. But when taxpayers refuse to fund "How to be a Lesbian", it's McCarthyism.

Can someone explain this to me.

Pamela Jennings BELLVUE, CO

Because many people will no longer feel as welcome or accepted at USC Upstate if the Center for Women's and Gender Studies is not reinstated.

On the other hand, people who don't want to be denounced for their gender or race will feel more welcome.

Alexandra Chua EL CERRITO, CA

Because the dominant culture is essentially an unsolicited study of white, male cis-gendered heterosexuals

And comments like these show why gender studies centers are nothing but outlets for leftist bigotry.


The fight against sexism, homophobia and racism means that we have to keep vigilant against the political elite who are always out to destroy everything that is not to their selfish interests. Closing down the CWGS will be a crippling blow to people who, without it, never belonged to the larger USC community!

I think the Democratic Party just got its 2016 nominee.


Without the ongoing work of women's and gender studies departments there's no question my place in the academy would be less secure.

But is that a bad thing?

Liz Richardson SPARTANBURG, SC

Taking away this program is like stepping back in time when women and minorities could not vote.

Yes it's exactly like that.  But since there's no Center for Eskimo Studies does that mean that it's like Eskimos can't vote?