Obama Creates 500,000 Acre Paradise for Illegal Aliens, Drug Cartels

National Monument Ranger Kris Eggle was killed in the line of duty


Obama cares. He cares about the spotted hopping toed. The illegal alien and the Mexican drug cartel. That's why he's making a special place for them.

Local officials in New Mexico warn a move by the Obama administration to designate nearly a half-million acres as a national monument could open up a crime corridor making it easier for illegal immigrants to cross the border and for drug cartels to operate undetected.

President Obama made the announcement Wednesday afternoon, setting aside 498,815 acres of land as the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument. Unlike national parks which must be approved by Congress, the president has the power to designate national monuments.

“I’m not finished,” Obama said during Wednesday’s ceremony. The New Mexico national monument is the second one he’s designated this year.

He added, “I am here to pick up a little bit of the slack because there is no time to waste to preserve precious resources and give a shot in the arm to local economies.”

Sure, nothing gives a shot in the arm to local economies like 500,000 acres of empty land kept that way by mandate.

Dona Ana County Sheriff Tom Garrison told FoxNews.com the monument will likely hamper law enforcement’s ability to patrol the area. That’s because nearly half of the land will be set aside as wilderness. When that happens, the area will be largely closed off to vehicles, including police cars.

Garrison said his concerns have fallen on deaf ears, and says he’s been shut out of the process.

“They tell the media they have talked to law enforcement, but they haven’t talked to local law enforcement,” he said. “They haven’t talked to me. They talk to Border Patrol and Border Patrol tells [lawmakers and media] whatever Washington tells them to say.”

And that's how liberalism likes it. No more local rights. Just one national regime in D.C. to rule them all.

In August 2002, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument Ranger Kris Eggle was killed in the line of duty. Allegedly the killers were drug smugglers crossing through the Arizona park, which shares a border with Mexico. Since Eggle's death, Organ Pipe has been called the most dangerous park in America.

According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, about 65% of the cocaine and most of the marijuana entering America come from Mexico, and much of those drugs through Organ Pipe. In 2002, the year Eggle was murdered, some 200,000 illegal aliens were caught sneaking into the U.S. through Organ Pipe.

The Border Patrol estimates that 700,000 pounds of illegal drugs enter America through the park each year. Federal lands and national parks along our southern border are favorite points of entry for illegal aliens and drug runners. Those areas often resemble a war zone.

These border parks, created to protect the environment, often more closely resemble a landfill from the debris and damage caused by endless streams of drug runners and illegal aliens.

Ah that's what Obama meant by a shot in the arm for the local economy. First you tie off the arm of the local economy. Then you inject heroin into it.

Zack Taylor, the chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, told Breitbart Texas that the creation of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument "is the biggest breach of border security I have seen in the last 20 years. The people don't want it, and the sheriff doesn't want it. It is an open invitation for the foreign drug cartels and transnational criminals to bring their illegal drugs and aliens into the U.S."

You can't give a local economy a shot of heroin in the arm without foreign drug cartels.