Only White Men Can Rape: Social Justice Warriors Lose Their Minds

"Unfollowing @BarackObama He's made too many mistakes, even for a person of color"


There's a pipeline of Social Justice Warrior. It begins with microblogging. Then the sewer upends itself into Twitter and washes up on Alter-Net, Salon, Slate and HuffPo.

It seems crazy now, but 5 years from now there will be a Time Mag cover titled, "Is It Time to End Father's Day?

That's how the left works. And now #YesAllWomen has become #EndFathersDay.

All-inclusive has its limits. Always does for the left.

Carly calls herself a Proud Black Woman. Obama Campaign Volunteer. Radical Feminist. Community Organizer.

#SingleMothersDay #endfathersday because who really needs a father? Boys don't need a rape instructor.

— Tasha Polwright (@TashaPolwright) June 13, 2014

Yes left-wing social justice warriors hate men. All men. Even little boys.

Maybe it should be #YesAllMen after all. Daniella claims to be "Feminist, socialist, part of the 99%"

And let's not forget Father's Day is racist.

But at least black men can't rape. It's physically impossible.

Whew. That's a relief.

We're here and we're not going away. Our ideas are the future. We cannot have equality unless men are taken care of.

— Tasha Polwright (@TashaPolwright) June 13, 2014

Or unless someone blocks you on Twitter.

@avgcollege_kid Not ALL minorities deserve recognition, no. Whites being one of them. #Diversity #EndFathersDay #YesAllWomen

— Marissa S. (@marisJ_s) June 13, 2014

So the sphere of inclusivity continues to narrow.

Yes eating too many cupcakes is like rape.

@VeganRevoIution Milk is for white people. There's a reason whites are lactose tolerant. It's because they abuse animals. @mallyespinoza

— Imani Richards (@ImaniGoddess) June 5, 2014

Also milk is white. That tells you something.

Forget the rights of men in dresses. What about the rights of otherkin who think they're really animals.

@OldCrowNest Yes, we need to work so all babies are born genderless. Gender shouldn't be forced upon xeople from birth; we need a choice.

— Andy Wendleburg (@andytrans0) June 6, 2014

Sure, let's do some sort of pre-birth castration.

@InclusiveSarah Agreed. #EndFathersDay #YesAllWomen #NoFathersDay #EndBigotry #EndMaleWorship #EndFemaleSubjugation #MothersNotFathers

— Marissa S. (@marisJ_s) June 13, 2014