Leslie H. Gelb: "Fight Islamic Theocracy and Terrorism by Allying w/Iran"

Gelb's crack, like that of most liberal foreign policy experts, is appeasing America's enemies.


Leslie H. Gelb, president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations and author of How Common Sense Can Rescue American Foreign Policy, last seen barking that Obama was kneeling before Netanyahu, has a better idea.

It's time for Obama to kneel to Iran.

In 2010, Gelb was bleating that "The American president had been cowed by Jewish control of American politics."

Now he's got a new solution. Actually it's the same solution leftist foreign policy experts have been pushing since ISIS became impossible to ignore.

Ally with Iran.

The Mideast is being dismembered by fanatics who would enslave women and bind men’s minds to a nightmarish code of conduct, by the deeply embedded corruption and inefficiency of rulers and governments historically favored by Washington, and by the ancient battle between Sunni and Shia Muslims.

That's a good description of... Iran. And to stop this theocracy and terror... we just have to ally with more theocracy and terror.

And then if our alliance with Iran goes bad, we can fight theocracy and terror by allying with Al Qaeda.

Iran is the most surprising potential partner... The mullahs, the Israeli lobbyists, and preachers against the Axis of Evil will go wild.

The Mullahs will have a good laugh since they run Iran.

However Americans feel about Tehran’s theocratic regime, the ruling mullahs face no prospect of internal challenges. The mullahs aren’t going anywhere.

Gelb has conveniently forgotten about the mass Iranian protests and its political opposition, but when you're licking the feet of the Mullahs like he does, inconvenient facts are just inconvenient.

The good news is that large numbers of Iranians are pro-American.

Yes they're called the opposition.

We ignore the comparatively free elections held in Iran, elections that bring the likes of a Hassan Rouhani to the presidency.

Comparatively in the sense that they're rigged.

These factors can make Tehran a reliable partner against the clear and present jihadi danger.

Tehran is a clear and present Jihadi danger. Leslie Gelb keeps talking the Jihadis as if they're exclusive to the Sunni sphere. But don't worry Mullahs, Leslie won't actually precondition any of this on a non-existent nuclear deal.

The possible positives could be reinforced if Washington and Tehran manage to concoct a deal to reduce the potential Iranian nuclear threat in exchange for easing economic sanctions. But as much as such a deal would be highly desirable for a strategic realignment, it is not a necessary precondition

Obviously not.

It’s hard to figure out how the oil- and gas-rich Gulf states fit into the anti-jihadi campaign. To greater and lesser degrees, they all seem to be more worried about Iran than about the Sunni extremists. Many have secretly supported those extremists.

And they're going to support them ten times as hard... if Leslie gets his way.

The main thing the U.S. has going for it in this region is that the Gulf state leaders still see Americans as their ultimate protectors against Iran and the jihadis.

Except Leslie has forgotten that he just allied us with Iran and the Gulfies are funding the Sunni Jihadis.

Leslie Gelb's logic doesn't carry over from one sentence to the next. Reading screeds like these is like listening to a crack addict try to explain to you why he needs crack.

He isn't logically producing a fact-based argument. Instead he fumbles around and throws out any random thing he thinks sounds convincing and then waits for the crack.

Leslie Gelb's crack, like the crack of most liberal foreign policy experts, is appeasing America's enemies. Gelb's essay has no coherent argument for why we should ally with Iran or what this alliance would even involve. He contradicts himself in every other paragraph. But it doesn't matter. Allying with terrorists is his high. Dealing with Iran is his equivalent of smoking some crack.

You can't ask him to patiently explain why he needs to smoke crack. He's too far gone. Instead he's huddled issuing confused explanations for why he needs some crack.