This British Jihadi Will Soon Return to Enrich the UK's Cultural Diversity

"Im gonna kill them all every singlw one of them unless they come to islam"


Meet our friend, let's call him Abdul. His Twitter user name is British Witness. He likes stealing, bragging about killing Syrians, Iraqis and the British. (via Jawa Report.)

Now it's not hard to get a picture of this guy. He's not very bright. His knowledge of his own religion is fairly limited. He might even be a convert. Once the reverses kick in, he's going to run back to the UK and leave off his old Ali G imitation and instead hook up with a group of Syrian Civil War vets and one of them is going to be Barry enough to push these Four Lions into a terrorist attack.

The UK of a century ago would never readmit him. The UK of the present day will welcome him back and then insist that when this fellow, who uses a photo of the beheader of a British soldier as his avatar pic, kills a non-Muslim, that it had nothing to do with Islam.