Jon Stewart Isn't a Self-Hating Jew, He Just Hates Being Jewish

Jon Stewart frequently bashes Israel. It's one of his "things".


Jon Stewart frequently bashes Israel. It's one of his "things".

Another of his things is scoring dishonest political points using comedy and then defending against the backlash by just claiming that he's joking. Or that he's the "centrist" being beset by extremists on both sides.

That was his response to the criticism that he got over Israel, setting up a skit in which he's berated by both sides. It was typical of Stewart, who gets praised by his supporters for "destroying" something or other, but is really a coward who backs down when anyone stands up to him.

That's the Stewart who passes softball questions to his guests and needles others in a passive aggressive way.

And now after the criticism, Stewart is going to have on Al Jazeera/Hamas correspondent Sue Turton.

Mark Levin has called Jon Stewart a self-hating Jew. That's a mostly inaccurate term that needs to be put to bed. Jon Stewart likes himself. It's us he doesn't like.

Jon Stewart doesn't hate himself. His fake neurotic routine is just a hack comic's mashup of Woody Allen and Jerry Seinfeld. It allows him to pose as a non-threatening figure while he's saying nasty things.

Stewart, like many leftists, does hate being Jewish.

Stewart could have long ago gone back to being Jon Leibowitz. There would be no hit to his career which consists of sneering into a television camera every day. But it's clearly not a name he likes, because it's a Jewish last name.

When radio host Howard Stern asked him about his real name, Stewart answered, “Actually, it’s ‘Jewy Jewman.’ ”

He isn't going to do that because while he employs a neuroticised vaudeville Jewishness for comedy, he doesn't like being Jewish. He resents his father and he's married to Tracey Lynn McShane. And he's more hostile to Israel than fellow fake comedy host Stephen Colbert.

The real problem isn't Stewart, who was doing bit parts in sitcoms until he lucked into the Bush Administration, and would in a better world be desperately hoping to get to play the delivery boy on an episode of Modern Family.

The problem is that far too many American Jews have become so  cut off from their culture that they identify a hack comedian with three facial expressions and a watered down version of a Borscht Belt routine as a cultural lodestone... even though he doesn't want to be.

Jon Stewart doesn't like Jews, Judaism or Israel. And that's his problem. Our problem is that far too many Jews have so little pride in their own culture that they build their shaky identity around liking a bad TV actor... who hates them and having anything in common with them.