James Foley Went Looking to Support Terrorists in Syria, Instead They Cut Off His Head

He cheered on the Sunni Muslim terrorists fighting to ethnically cleanse the Christians of Aleppo.


James Foley was one of a new breed of activists calling themselves journalists. He didn't travel to report on a story, but to promote an agenda. And the agenda was obvious from his Twitter feed.

Any human life lost is tragic, but a moral individual would have much more empathy for the Syrian Christians who suffered at the hands of Foley's favorite Jihadists than one of their pet propagandists. For the most Foley only mentioned Syrian Christians when he was promoting the myth that the Sunni Jihadists were actually a secular democracy-loving force that incorporated Christians and Kurds on equal terms.

Foley came to Syria to support the Sunni Islamist rebels against the Syrian government. He was a vehement advocate and while he didn't necessarily side with any single group, he echoed the one sided narrative rather than telling the truth about the Islamists. His Twitter feed was full of urgings to arm the Jihadists.

Meanwhile he sneered at America's War on Terror.

He cheered on the Sunni Muslim terrorists fighting to ethnically cleanse the Christians of Aleppo. In the conflict between Israel and Hamas, his tweets and retweets were chock full of pro-Sunni Syrian terrorist propaganda.

When Newsweek's Muslim Rage cover story came out, Foley mocked it too. Raging Muslims. How silly and Islamophobic.

(Note: Tweets not by Foley were retweeted by him.)

War on Terror

Jesse marching w Iraq Vets 4 Peace to give back their medals #Chicago pic.twitter.com/TDIAjrmR

— James W. Foley (@jfoleyjourno) May 20, 2012

@AngelaLoRosso until now even groups like Jebhat al Nousra been careful not to target civilians w bombing, they say, why this is very bad...

— James W. Foley (@jfoleyjourno) October 3, 2012

(The Al Nusra Front is an Al Qaeda group now part of ISIS)


Why Islamists Winning Elections Is Good for Democracy and the War on Terrorism @Matt_VanDyke http://t.co/bE5ashSL

— James W. Foley (@jfoleyjourno) April 3, 2012

An advocate in Syria

excited 4 #Obama mandate, but how explain #Syrians we spent 6 Bil on TV ads but won't stop the daily slaughter here http://t.co/q4ylwAIn

— James W. Foley (@jfoleyjourno) November 7, 2012

@philippbreu @nicoletung6 4 so long It was if war in #Aleppo was focused on Dar Shifaa, now regime destroyed it! Praying for all Docs there.

— James W. Foley (@jfoleyjourno) November 21, 2012

The case for NATO intervention http://t.co/VXhP1eM5

— James W. Foley (@jfoleyjourno) October 23, 2012

@Carpe177 inside the SNC isn't seen to run anything... FSA can't even get the right sized mortars after buy it on the black market. Sad

— James W. Foley (@jfoleyjourno) September 11, 2012

Yah! Kristof from Bab al Salam- "let’s acknowledge that the existing hands-off approach has failed" #Syria http://t.co/mPJ6ms0m

— James W. Foley (@jfoleyjourno) November 15, 2012

Syrian Opp says should get promised military aid as they've presented unified front per request, the West dithers http://t.co/OkQGbfj2

— James W. Foley (@jfoleyjourno) November 12, 2012


(The journalists are Hamas)

(A Foley Retweet)

(Another Retweet)



Netanyahu begins re-election campaign in #Gaza w targeted strike on Hamas leader followed by tank and naval shelling http://t.co/ceiGWt6I

— James W. Foley (@jfoleyjourno) November 15, 2012



painful precedence- how US failed to block Israel from facilitating Sabra and Shatila massacres http://t.co/HQ5prr39

— James W. Foley (@jfoleyjourno) September 17, 2012