Hamas Negotiator Gets Legs Broken by Hamas

Al-Almi’s fellow Hamas terrorists and other attacked him and broke both his legs


Emad al-Alami was deported by Israel to Lebanon in the nineties but the Jewish State was forced to accept the terrorist's return under pressure from the international community.

Al-Alami was the last Hamas leader out of Syria to abandon Bashar Assad. He's also Hamas' conduit to Iran.

The most adamant proponent of this view is Imad al-Alami, the group's former permanent envoy in Tehran and head of the "Intifada Committee," now returned from Damascus to Gaza.

He was now a negotiator in Cairo. So the question is... who decided to break his legs?

Amad Al-Almi, a senior Hamas official who represented Gaza in Cairo during the negotiations with Israel, returned to Gaza, to what seems to be some unsatisfied friends and coworkers.

Al-Almi’s fellow Hamas terrorists and other attacked him and broke both his legs, according to Channel 2′s Ehud Ya’ari.

The reason why Al-Almi was attacked is still not known, but we can guess. Yesterday Hamas kingpin Khaled Mashaal told the Hamas leadership that the ceasefire agreement is a loss for Hamas.

Obama, with Qatar and Turkey, did manage to get Hamas some of what it wanted, but Israel held out long enough and did enough damage that there isn't much to show for it.

And specifically, Hamas' battle with Egypt, with Qatar in the wings, fell apart, since the Egyptians got their way. And all this appears to have exposed plenty of internal tensions within Hamas.

Mashaal is taking orders from Qatar. Al-Alami took his orders from Iran. There's all sorts of internal conflicts going on between the various puppeteers pulling Hamas' strings.

And it led to Al-Almi getting some broken legs.

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