Islamic Sharia Law Orders Woman to Treat Husband as Son

She remained silent because he used to threaten to kill her.


Islamic law seems to have a knack for taking already horrible events and multiplying their horriblness tenfold. Combine that with a deep hatred for women dating back to Mohammed and a legal system best explained as being the result of a serious case of insanity and you get this.

(via Religion of Peace)

The 28-year-old victim alleged that her husband has been working in Dubai for the last two years and her father-in-law has been sexually assaulting her at gun point since 2013.

She remained silent because he used to threaten to kill her.

She created ruffles in the local administration and the Muslim community on Thursday by moving an application before District Magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma to arrest her father-in-law and allow her to abort her seven-month pregnancy.

After the application by the victim, clerics jumped into the case and declared that the husband of the victim will be treated as her son.

Avoiding any comment against the father-in-law who repeatedly raped and blackmailed the victim, Maulana Mohammad Nazar of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind said: “As per the Sharia law, the baby in her womb is her husband’s brother. Her husband must divorce her, even if his father looked at his wife with lust.”

Lest we forget, Mohammed was the original feminist and Islamic law protects the rights of women like serial killers protect their victims.