Only 27% of Whites see Obama as a "Uniter"

78 percent of blacks see Obama as a uniter


At least we all agree on that.

20. Overall do you think Obama has done more to (unite the country), or has done more to (divide the country)?

Unite Divide No opinion
9/7/14 38 55 7
5/19/13 47 45 8

Obama’s overall job approval rating, for example, is 87 percent among blacks, 57 percent among Hispanics – and just 31 percent among whites, a single point from his career low. Differences on whether Obama has united or divided the country are at least as sharp: Seventy-eight percent of blacks see Obama as a uniter rather than a divider; that declines to 53 percent of Hispanics and just 27 percent of whites.

How ironic. The very idea of Obama's unity is as divisive as it could be.

Goodbye Hope and Change.