UK PM: Six Planned ISIS Attacks in Europe

Let all the Jihadis return to the UK and it'll be a lot more than six.

Jewish museum shooting footage

Let all the Jihadis return to the UK and it'll be a lot more than six. There's a reason countries have airports and it's not just to humiliate tourists. (via Religion of Peace)

Speaking in Parliament, British Prime Minister David Cameron has revealed there have been at least six serious attacks planned against member states of the European Union by the self-declared Islamic State, reports The Express.

Making a statement to the house on his visit to the NATO conference, Cameron said: “The point I would make even today to the British people is: be in no doubt about the threat that so-called Islamic State poses to us. We have already seen something like six planned attacks in the countries of the European Union from [ISIS], including of course that appalling attack in the Brussels Jewish museum, where innocent people were killed. That flows directly from this organisation.”

Details are vague. The Brussels museum attack was actually carried out, but the attacker reportedly was planning another attack, so that may also be listed among the six. There was a recent alert in the UK which may have been a response to something.

The left will argue, as it did with the original Al Qaeda, that the organization is so nebulous that the attacks don't really stem from it, despite the Caliphate, the Caliph and the pledges of allegiance.

The UK, for all its pandering, has fairly good intel. As with us, the intel hits blockages at the political and enforcement level. It does appear that there is a good deal of material in Europe that has yet to go public.

While bombing ISIS is a good way to degrade its total forces, the best way of preventing terrorist attacks is not to let their planners and perpetrators into the country.

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