The Unfair and Dishonest Media Attacks on Ted Cruz

Sabotaging a conference for persecuted Christians on Hezbollah's behalf is criminally stupid.

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Here's what happened.

Ted Cruz appeared at a conference in support of Middle Eastern Christians. Some of the participants at that conference allegedly had ties to the Shiite Muslim Hezbollah terrorist group... which these days has Christian allies.

Cruz did not "insult" anyone. He made a boilerplate reference to Israel in relation to the Jewish-Christian alliance against Islamic terror. Among the terror groups he mentioned was Hezbollah.

He didn't expect booing, but got it anyway.

The entire audience did not boo Cruz. It's not clear how many people did. But Cruz felt that the responses showed that he did not want to be involved with the conference.

"A few politically motivated opportunists chose to divide a room that for more than 48 hours sought unity in opposing the shared threat of genocide, faced not only by our Christian brothers and sisters, but our Jewish brothers and sisters and people of all other faiths and all people of good will," IDC president Toufic Baaklini said.

That suggests that the booers were not the majority and affiliated with a narrow group... probably supportive of Hezbollah.

Maybe Cruz should have stayed despite the booing, but few people like being booed. Unfortunately a variety of cynical and dishonest responses then followed.

"Telling M.E. Christians they "have no greater ally than the Jewish state," the line that touched off the booing, is risible," the New York Times' Ross Douhat claimed.

"Ted Cruz is no hero for insulting a room full of persecuted Christians," the Federalist's Mollie Hemingway wrote.

It's hard to fit so many false statements and assumptions inside a single sentence, but somehow she managed it. Cruz wasn't insulting a room full of persecuted Christians. A pro-Israel statement might be something you disagree with, but it isn't an insult.

Booing a speaker however is an insult and it's cynical to then insist that it's the speaker's fault for being insulted.

It's also not at all clear that any persecuted people were booing Cruz. Based on Baaklini's remarks, it would appear that the booers were a small group with an agenda. Based on the Free Beacon story, they were likely Lebanese affiliated with Hezbollah.

Not exactly persecuted.

Then she went on to accuse Free Beacon's Sonny Bunch of laughing about dead Christians.

The New York Times' Ross Douhat however stuck with the "persecuted" meme snarkily claiming that "Persecuted Middle Eastern Christians... insufficiently pro-Israel for Ted Cruz."

Tristyn Bloom of the Daily Caller said, "He was baiting them and he knew it." Then offered some sarcastic remarks about anti-Semitism.

The left is of course having a field day with this in all the expected ways.


Christians face genocide in parts of the Middle East. That's one of the most significant issues of our time both because of the human toll and because of the implications for the rest of the world.

At the same time, Middle Eastern Christians are divided by a complicated tangle of local alliances which invariably fail to protect them, but do manage to divide them. The situation in Lebanon is a case in point.

The real problem has been internal division. That's what the conference really illustrated.

It's not realistic to expect Middle Eastern Christians living under Muslim rule or expect to be living under Muslim rule to be pro-Israel. But that's not what this is about. There were those who wanted to sabotage the conference and they succeeded.

Too many Middle Eastern Christians still believe that Arab nationalism can salvage their situation. It clearly cannot. Allying with Hezbollah, a group that puts Shiite Islam ahead of ethnicity, is clear folly.

Sabotaging a conference for persecuted Christians on Hezbollah's behalf is criminally stupid.

America can save persecuted Christians. Hezbollah will only use them until it no longer has a use for them.

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