Attempted Synagogue Arson in Germany Carried Out by Muslims

The New Moderate Nazis are here.


The New Moderate Nazis are here.

At the height of Israel's Operation Protective Edge, amid a major surge in anti-Semitic attacks in Europe, Molotov cocktails were thrown at the synagogue, seriously damaging the building's facade.

Security cameras managed to film three suspects. One of the suspects was arrested at the scene, and the police launched a search for the remaining two.

All three suspects were described as "Palestinians", according to Germany's Die Welt.

Wuppertal hit the news recently when it was revealed that extremist Muslim vigilantes were mounting "Sharia patrols" to enforce Islamic law (Sharia) on local residents.

The men were allegedly members of Germany's growing Salafi movement, a puritanical version of Sunni Islam adhered to by radicals from Al Qaeda to the Saudi Arabian government.

Ah those pesky radicals again. Millions and millions of extremist radicals.

Maybe we can get the moderate wing of the Nazi Party to help deradicalize them.

Nazi Drive on Jews Under Control Now: US Investigation Shows No Cause for Protest (AP)

March 26, 1933

"A reply has now been received indicating that whereas there was for a short time considerable physical mistreatment of Jews, this phase may be considered virtually terminated. There was also some picketing of Jewish merchandising stores and instances of professional discrimination.

"These manifestations were viewed with serious concern by the German government. Hitler in his capacity as leader of the Nazi party issued an order calling upon his followers to maintain law and order, to avoid molesting foreigners, disrupting trade and to avoid the creation of potentially embarrassing international incidents."

Or more recently...

The split inside the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NPD) widened today, with temporary victory going to the party’s “moderate” national chairman, Fritz Thielen.

So long as he was a moderate.