CBS's Hillary Clinton Show "Madam Secretary" to Ref Benghazi

The second episode is titled “Another Benghazi.”


Madam Secretary, better known as CBS' in-kind contribution to the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign, will go the Benghazi route.

Of course it will. There's not much point in spending millions on a propaganda series to promote Hillary Clinton if you aren't going to play thinly masked revisionism with one of the darkest periods in her career... that didn't involve defending a 12 year old girl's rapist.

The only question is how soon before they roll out their revised version of the Benghazi hearings at which their version of Hillary will deliver a scripted speech to scripted applause. I would imagine that's going to be their season finale.

CBS has now provided critics with three episodes of the new drama “Madam Secretary,” starring Téa Leoni as initially reluctant Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord. The program, an obvious nod to a certain presumptive front-running female Democratic candidate for president who was formerly a globe-trotting secretary of state, arrives Sept. 21 (7 p.m. on CBS4).

How timely and ripped from the headlines will it be? The second episode is titled “Another Benghazi.” References to a company of “private security contractors” are rife, as are digs about the public picking on the Secretary of State’s hairstyles.

Creator-producers Barbara Hall and Lori McCreary deny the Hillary Clinton inspiration: “We believe this show and its characters have been written to tell the story of an apolitical woman at the pinnacle of the diplomatic world. She thinks outside of the box and party lines…”

You might even say that she's meant to appeal to older and independent voters who just might be watching CBS and voting in 2016.

Do Barbara Hall and Lori McCreary think they're fooling anyone? They're not even fooling liberal TV critics who are somewhere below food critics and toothpaste critics on the critic food chain.


Meanwhile here are the Clintons with the apolitical executive chairman of CBS at an event that Variety described as the chairman honoring her. In 2007, Redstone gave the maximum to her campaign.

It might be a good idea to remember that the last time a liberal network tried this, ABC with Commander in Chief, the show bombed.

There's a real case that if CBS is going this route, there should be equal time for a CBS network series featuring a heroic version of the GOP candidate.