See the 10 Dumbest Idiots from the People's Climate March

I didn't think I could get behind the extinction of the human race until I saw this hipster.

If you believe the media, today's People's Climate March was a gathering of grandmothers, adorable kiddies and smiling college students in polar bear costumes to urge us all to live in miserable poverty in order to save the planet from a threat that doesn't exist.

Except for the Green Energy tycoons behind this thing who will get very, very rich. (Just ask Al Gore, who was there.)

But when most people hear the word "People" and "March" in one sentence, they think commies. And indeed there were plenty of Commies there. Also terrorist supporters and random lunatics from the great asylum that is New York City.

Here, with thanks to, are some of the more notable idiots at the People's Climate March.


I didn't think I could get behind the extinction of the human race until I saw this hipster. After seeing this hipster, I actually hope that Global Warming can somehow be made real because a species that produced this specimen doesn't deserve to exist.


No, but we can start burning idiots. It's bound to give us a few years in which we can watch them marching around with stupid signs that demonstrate that they know as much about science and the environment as they do about anything else.


No. Clearly not.


This is why the average dolphin is smarter than the average Climate Marcher. Stupid dolphins get caught in nets and die. Stupid people do this.


Speaking of idiots, Code Pink took a break off from urging the genocide of Yazidis in Iraq to protest the war on ISIS at the People's Climate March.

But they weren't the only Commies there.


Socialism really fixes the environment. Just ask the USSR and China.


A representative of the really old Young Communist Party.


Give reading history a chance.

The USSR's idea of environmentalism was useless dams, wiping out an entire whale subspecies to meet a 5 year plan and Chernobyl.


Not sure that a hammer, sickle and gear are really the best symbols for the anti-industrialism of the People's Climate March.


It's time for the tender compassionate mercies of Stalin II.

But you can see why they call them Warmunists.


You could feed a poor family for a week for the cost of that puppet.


Spay and neuter People's Climate Marchers.

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