Bill Clinton: Americans "Less Racist and Homophobic" Than They Used to Be

Unfortunately Bill is the same creepy corrupt compulsive liar

"I did not take a bribe from that donor"

Thanks Bill. Unfortunately you're the same creepy corrupt compulsive liar wearing a fake sincere expression while promising to bring back the good days that you were twenty years ago.

CBS's Charlie Rose, the man who could make WW3 seem boring, did a softball interview with Bill Clinton asking him about his non-intern related priorities for Hillary's two terms.

Bill touted the usual stuff. More ObamaCare, more student loans and more Green Energy. And he did compliment Americans on how much less racist and homophobic we were.

The former president said the nation’s political and media climate was bad in the mid-1990s, but had gotten even more difficult because party politics “are even more polarized.” While Americans are “less racist and homophobic” than they used to be, he said, they tend to be far less willing to spend time listening to those who don’t agree with them, he said, calling that a dangerous trend.

That's hilarious coming from a guy with his own in-house smear-and-spin factory, Media Matters.

And Americans always appreciate lectures on racism from a guy who said that Obama should be fetching him coffee. But the great thing about the Democratic Party is that yesterday's racist is today's scold about white privilege.