Hague: No Jewish Displays Here, We're Muslim

Dutch police advised forbidding it because it would be a target for vandalism


Maybe Ben Affleck can stop by and solve this problem which, according to him, doesn't exist.

Dutch police advised a municipality to forbid the public display of a sukkah out of concerns that it would be a target for vandalism, a Jewish resident said

Fabrice Schomberg applied last month for a permit to erect a sukkah, a hut designated for meals during the holiday of Sukkot, outside his home in the predominantly Muslim neighborhood of Schilderswijk in The Hague.

Despite the objection from police, the city approved his request Friday.

In recent weeks, Schomberg has been featured in a series of articles about a Jewish-owned housing project of 200 apartments located among one of the Netherlands’ largest concentrations of Muslim immigrants. He is among only a dozen Jewish residents in the complex.

In one item, a news crew filmed Schomberg being verbally abused on the street outside his home because he put on a kippah. He usually conceals it to prevent such incidents.

The heckler's veto of Muslim violence creates Sharia law by default. When it becomes too dangerous for other religions to practice their religion or for women to walk around without having their heads covered, Sharia law becomes a fact.