Memo to Liberals: Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are ISIS

The Muslim Brotherhood now runs Al Qaeda.


Another day, another smug liberal dismissal that there's any connection between one violent Islamic terrorist group and another.

This time in the Forward, a radical pro-terrorist and anti-Israel paper read only by a handful of aging lefties while sipping their stale broth, Jay Michaelson launched an attack on Pamela Geller.

One of Geller’s new ads states that “Hamas is ISIS, Hamas is Al-Qaeda, Hamas is Boko Haram, Hamas is CAIR in America.” Factually, this is quite false. In fact, while Hamas has nominally supported ISIS in Syria — thus damaging ties with its historic sponsor, Iran — the Islamic State is a Salafist jihadist/fundamentalist movement that regards Hamas as impure and the Israel/Palestinian conflict as largely irrelevant. In fact, Hamas’s best friend today is Qatar, which is in the coalition opposing the Islamic State. Unsurprisingly, Geller is just ignorant here.

Sure it would take some kind of right-wing Zionist to believe that ISIS is just like Hamas. Let's hear from the right-wing Zionist Palestinian Authority.

A leading Fatah party member has compared Hamas's methods of executing and brutalizing its political opponents in Gaza to the gruesome executions carried out by the "Islamic State" terrorist group, or ISIS.

In an interview with the Palestinian Authority's official TV station, Fatah Central Committee member Tawfiq Tirawi expressed his anger over a string of executions and shootings of Fatah members in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge, and said the "unity deal" between Hamas and the Fatah-run Palestinian Authority was "a mistake."

Jay Michaelson says that it would be "ignorant" to believe that Qatar could ever ally with an Islamic terror group (other than Hamas).

Qatar was also a major backer of ISIS. It's been criticized for its support of Islamic terrorist groups by such New York Zionists as the governments of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. You can read about it in such notorious Zionist outlets as The Independent and The Guardian.

The 9/11 Commission found that Qatar had ties to the architect of September 11. This was reported by such right wing Jewish outlets as ABC News.

Let's get to the rest of Jay Michaelson's ignorant drivel which he jotted down after a 5 minute phone convo with his CAIR contact.

Hamas didn't just support ISIS in Syria. It supported the original Al Qaeda in Iraq. In fact the two groups are cousins.

Al Qaeda is run by a guy who came out of a wing of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Essentially the Muslim Brotherhood now runs Al Qaeda. Hamas is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza.

The Muslim Brotherhood is Salafist, Jihadist and fundamentalist. The MB views itself as Salafist. Plenty of Salafists don't like it, but as a brief rundown of the news would show, Salafists regularly don't like each other, reject each other and kill each other.

Would Michaelson really care to argue that Hamas is not Jihadist or fundamentalist?

Let’s take a second example. “Jew-hatred: It’s in the Quran,” an AFDI poster blares. And indeed, the Quran has many violent passages, including some about Jews — most notoriously 5:60, which says that “some” Jews have been transformed into “monkeys and pigs.”... But have you read the Quran, cover to cover?... Or, for that matter, 2:47, which exhorts “Children of Israel! Call to mind the favor which I bestowed upon you, and that I preferred you to all other nations”?

If Jay Michaelson had actually read the Koran cover to cover, instead of relying on talking points, he would have noticed that shortly after 2:47, the Koran once again refers to Jews as apes. 2.75 tells Muslims that Jews distorted scripture and that they won't believe in Allah. 2.88 curses the Jews as infidels. 2.90 says that Jews have earned "wrath upon wrath".

The whole point of the narrative is that Allah rejected the Jews and that Mohammed is his final prophet and the Jews and Christians are the enemies of Muslims. That's not some extremist Salafist belief. It's Islam.

That's what happens when you read something "cover to cover" instead of picking up a few talking points and doing the usual smug media liberal routine.

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