Muslim Married British Woman, Killed Her, Sold Children into Slavery

“When I finally came around [he] had left me on the floor, soaked in my own blood."


This probably isn't the worst Muslim marriage story. I'm not sure there can be such a thing when Mohammed "married" women be had enslaved and raped and married a child, but this horrifying story is yet another reminder of the dangers of marrying into a religion that views women with such unmitigated hatred.

Gaby grew up with her Yemeni father, Ali Abdulla Saleh Yafai, her mother, Mary, who was from Birmingham, and her three sisters Ablah, Ismahan (Isyy) and Yasmin (Yas)

“One witness was our next-door neighbour who gave evidence that she heard Mum screaming ‘No! No! Please don’t... I’m sorry, don’t’ the day mum disappeared.

“A little while later she said she heard scrubbing sounds coming from our kitchen. She also told how she saw Dad and two men carry out a big rolled up carpet later that night and load it into Dad’s meat van.”

Her father was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to six years in prison, of which he served four.

In May 1977 Ali took three of his daughters to his home country, which he had told them was a magical place where fruit would fall out of the trees into their hands.

By magical country, he meant a place where women could be sold.

One of Gaby’s sisters, Issy, resorted to suicide to avoid marrying a 60-year-old man. Issy tried to take an overdose and then cut her wrists but each time she was stopped. She finally succeeded by jumping off the roof of a building before anyone could stop her.

Gaby suffered horrific abuse, and described the aftermath of one beating: “When I finally came around [he] had left me on the floor, soaked in my own blood.

Her father also attacked her and her children and at one point brandished a shotgun and told her: “Today I’m going to kill you the same way I killed your mother.”

What could be the possible cause of all that?

“It was his culture, his traditions "

And the more that culture enters the UK and the US, the more such cases will pile up.