British Gay Man Arrested in Muslim Country Describes "Concentration Camp"

Don't worry, it's a moderate Muslim country.


Don't worry, it's a moderate Muslim country. It's not like they hung him or chopped his head off.

British tourist imprisoned for being gay in Morocco has said jail there was like a "concentration camp" as he returned to the UK.

Ray Cole had an emotional reunion with his family at Gatwick Airport following his release after 20 days behind bars.

The 69-year-old was sentenced to four months in prison with his Moroccan friend Jamal Jam Wald Nass after homosexual images were found on his password-protected phone.

"You would not believe it, it's horrendous. It's not a prison, it's a concentration camp. People are in there from the age of 10 to 80 and 90s for nothing.

"I can hardly move my arm from sleeping on the floor."

Morocco's current Prime Minister is Abdelilah Benkirane of the local outflow of the Muslim Brotherhood benefited from Obama's Arab Spring.