CBS Hillary Clinton Show in Freefall, Lost 3 Mil Viewers Since Debut

What difference does it make?


CBS may be spending as much as $100 million to promote Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, but four episodes in, Madam Secretary's ratings continue to fall. The show has lost 3 million viewers or 20 percent of its viewers since its debut.

Last night it hit a new low, ratingswise, falling to 11.4 million viewers.

About the only thing stabilizing its position is that The Good Wife, which it precedes and where Valerie Jarrett recently appeared, is doing even worse.

This isn't even a question of competition. Madam Secretary is up against football and The Simpsons, programming that doesn't compete with CBS's Sunday night demographic of senile liberals still living in a fantasy world of policy relevance.

Still football is about the only thing that people watch on television anymore. Saturday Night Live fell to a new low despite the return of the "enormously popular Bill Hader" who isn't popular anywhere outside Williamsburg hipster bars.

Networks have given up on programming for Middle America resulting in a wasteland of programming that no one actually watches funded by advertisers whose creatives keep convincing them that they aren't wasting their money by running cereal ads promoting gay marriage to empty rooms.

There were more people in the 18-49 demo watching a repeat of Family Guy last night than a new episode of Madam Secretary. According to the latest Dem 2016 polling, maybe CBS should have done a show about Joe Biden if they wanted younger viewers.