UK Special Envoy to Yemen Alan Duncan Claims US Controlled by Jewish Bankers

It's a calculated insult to the United States.


Alan Duncan, the UK's Special Envoy to Yemen and Oman, a former oil industry man and current MP, offered a calculated insult to the United States and a staple of Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda as part of his unfortunate campaign against the Jewish State.

After denouncing Israeli "Apartheid" despite having built his career working with an oil company that actually propped up Apartheid in South Africa, Duncan demanded that all candidates be questioned as to whether or not they oppose Jews living in Jerusalem.

Then he contended that the vote recognizing "Palestine", really two quarreling terrorist micro-states that refuse to hold an election, was necessary because the Jews run America.

In a BBC Radio Four ‘World at One’ interview on the subject of the previous day’s vote by backbench MPs to overwhelmingly recognise Palestinian statehood, Alan Duncan said the vote was needed in part because:

"…we all know that the United States is in hock to a very powerful financial lobby which dominates its politics…"

This claim went unchallenged by the BBC interviewer, Martha Kearney.

Aside from being the sort of classic anti-Semitism that you would have expected to hear in a Hitler speech, not from a UK MP and government envoy to two Muslim countries, it's also a calculated insult to the United States.

Alan Duncan is not just expressing anti-Semitism, but his contempt for the United States as an independent self-governing democracy. His Jewish conspiracy theories are not only offensive for being racist, but for smearing the ally who has stood by the UK.

Duncan's anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism are not just statements by an MP, but "The government’s Special Envoy to Yemen and The government’s Special Envoy to Oman". His hatred for Jews and the US may be routine in Yemen, but he does not represent Yemen.

The UK government is obligated to answer for his remarks and to distinguish them from its official point of view.

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