Even Liberals Don't Trust ThinkProgress

Liberals trust The Daily Show and Al Jazeera for their news coverage.


One of the tidbits in Pew's journalism project ranked political orientation and which media outlets they trusted. There are few surprises here.

Liberals trust The Daily Show and Al Jazeera for their news coverage. Conservatives trust FOX News and Breitbart. Everyone trusts the Wall Street Journal and no one trusts BuzzFeed. That last shows there's hope for America.

But lefty talking point spewing factory Think Progress gets surprisingly low scores even among liberals. Not only do conservatives distrust it, but the general public and those rated mostly liberal split on it.

That's not good news for TP.

The Mostly Liberal group generally has the same habits as the consistently liberal. They only split on a handful of outlets. Think Progress, Al Jazeera, the Ed Schultz Show and DailyKos.

What this shows is that the consistently liberal group's media outlets are distrusted outside their own narrow echo chamber. While lefties often hurl that accusation at the right, the Pew survey shows it's quite true of them.

Think Progress isn't reaching anyone outside of a small group of lefties. Its spin would go nowhere except for the fact that major media outlets, many of them in the trusted group, write their stories based on its content. That means that people need to be reminded that when they're watching CNN or reading the Washington Post, they're often just reading reprocessed ThinkProgress.

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