EU Really Trying to Help UKIP Win

The UK being forced to pay £1.7billion to the EU due to the success of its economy.


Just as the Eurocrats were thrilling at a poll which showed that supporting for the UK staying in the EU was at 56 to 44, the EU had to overplay its hand.

David Cameron is fighting to stop Britain being forced to pay an extra £1.7billion to the European Union due to the success of the British economy.

The Prime Minister was ambushed with a demand from the European Commission for the extra cash because Britain’s economy has performed better than other economies in Europe since 1995.

The bill is due on 1 December and Mr Cameron is particularly enraged because Brussels accountants are also preparing to give France back £790million as its economy performed less well than Britain’s.

That's what happens when you live in a welfare state. Success is punished. Failure is rewarded. There's no point in austerity or saving money because it will just be taken away from you.

That's the larger message.

“It’s not acceptable to just change the fees for previous years and demand them back at a moment’s notice,” a Downing Street spokesman told the Financial Times.

A senior EU source told the Daily Telegraph that the scope for a legal challenge was non-existent.

“This at the commission’s discretion. It is automatic, there is nothing Britain can do about it,” said the official.

That's what happens when you're part of an illegal totalitarian superstate run by corrupt thieving bureaucrats that aren't subject to democracy and the rule of law. You can't do anything about it except leave.

The European Parliament’s demand for extra cash means the Treasury will have to find an extra £680million from taxpayers to pay Britain’s EU membership bill next year.

Now maybe the Telegraph can explain again how the public must be reminded that anyone who supports UKIP is an unhinged fascist neanderthal.

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