Chicago Black Pastor Endorses Republican, Gets Death Threats, has Church Vandalized

It's the Chicago Way


It's the Chicago Way. “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” If he endorses a Republican, we smash up his church.

Corey Brooks, who is pastor of a church on Chicago’s South Side, has been beset with hundreds of death threats after endorsing a Republican for Illinois Governor in the upcoming election. His church has also been vandalized by the more adult, more caring, more tolerant Democrats in the Windy City.

Pastor Brooks has endorsed first-time politician, businessman and Republican Bruce Rauner for governor instead of life-long political insider and incumbent Democrat Governor Pat Quinn. But since he went very public with his endorsement–including appearing in TV ads for Rauner–Brooks has been under siege by those “tolerant” Democrats who wish death upon him.

His church was also vandalized this weekend and large amount of money earmarked for charities was stolen.

Well I'm sure the money will be redistributed appropriately between ACORN, SEIU and a few of the right aldermen.

Brooks said he received the five phone calls on Friday. He recorded one of them, and provided it to police. In that call, which was played for the Sun-Times, a man’s voice is disguised via a high-pitched filter. He is heard calling Brooks a “token n—–.”

“We on you boy, we on you. And you ain’t got nobody that can stop us, nobody. Who you go [to] the deacons? They can’t stop us. We going to beat your fat a– in front of your mama congregation Sunday. Yeah we going to steal the sheep of the hypocrite. You’s a hypocrite we going to beat your fat a– in front of your own congregation. Who you got that…f— we going to beat their a– too. They can’t protect you. You sell out you Uncle Tom a– n—–. You token. You a puppet for Bruce Rauner you puppet n—– a–. P—- a– n—–,” the voice says on the recording.

A group of Chicago area black ministers, including Brooks, announced last month they’d support Rauner in the campaign. Brooks is featured in a Rauner ad which began airing two weeks ago on some channels, including BET. It began airing on network channels on Friday: “I believe it’s really time to change things up in the state of Illinois, especially on the South Side,” Brooks says in the commercial. He says he supports Rauner because he believes the Democratic party has taken advantage of African-Americans and hasn’t provided enough help for impoverished communities.

They sure are providing help now.


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