Sweden Recognizes Unelected Government of Bankrupt Terror State That Doesn't Control its Own Territory

It might as well recognize ISIS as the official government of Malmo

There's no way this can go wrong There's no way this can go wrong

In all fairness, that's true of some Swedish cities as well these days now that they've been properly enriched by Muslim immigration.

Still let's look at the absurdity of recognizing a Palestinian State.


1. The Palestinian Authority refuses to hold elections because the last time it held them, its leaders got walloped by Hamas. Abbas is treated as the President despite refusing to stand for office. There can be no legislature without seating Hamas so the legislative powers have in practice devolved to the PLO, which is not only a terrorist group but not elected by the general public.

Sweden didn't recognize an elected government. It recognized the leadership of a terrorist group.


2. The Palestinian Authority doesn't actually control the territory it claims encompasses its state. Let's set aside the question of Israel. Ever since the last set of elections and the civil war and the Hamas takeover of Gaza, the Palestinian Authority doesn't actually control Gaza.

The latest unity government was an attempt at sidestepping that question, but the fact remains that the PLO controls its population in the West Bank and Hamas controls Gaza. Sweden has recognized an unelected terrorist group's control over territory which it doesn't control.

It might as well recognize ISIS as the official government of Malmo. That would be closer to the truth.


3. The PLO's Palestinian State would exist for roughly five seconds without foreign aid. Its economy consists of the UNRWA and other foreign aid. Its chief employers are the Palestinian Authority and the UNRWA.

Not only is it unelected and not control of its own territory, but its funded by foreign interests. If it had to function as a state, it would die tomorrow. Not only doesn't it have the infrastructure, but it doesn't even have the economy.


So Sweden recognized the unelected government of a bankrupt terror state that can't function as a state or a government because... that's how much its new leftist leaders hate Israel and Jews.

There's no rational reason for extending state recognition to an entity that fails the test of functioning as a state at every level from the economy to elections to simple territorial control.

But fair is fair.

I recognize Lars Vilks as the President of Ladonia.

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