Radical Feminists "Out-Onion" the Onion

"Belongings, property, resources and land will be confiscated from men."


A few days ago, the Onion ran a parody mocking Women Against Feminism.

I understand why some people might believe the only way to advance women’s rights is to slaughter every man on the planet, but that sort of radical, explicitly homicidal position, which for all I know is a fundamental aspect of feminism, is exactly what makes me hesitate to call myself a feminist.

Do I agree with closing the pay gap, ensuring universal access to birth control, and ending the objectification of women? Absolutely, and if that’s all feminism were about, I would get on board without any hesitation. Assuming feminists start advocating that we hunt down all the world’s men and boys, load them onto trains bound for death camps, and systematically massacre them solely on the basis of their sex, then that’s where I draw the line.

Except a radical feminist then out-Onioned the Onion.

All of men’s (alive and euthanised) belongings, property, resources and land will be confiscated from men and handed back to female care and supervision – property rights over land will be abolished. You can’t own land!

All men at least above 15 (or younger if very asocial) should live separately from women and children, on their own in small huts or studios, isolated from one another and scattered around so that women can keep an eye on them (they should never be in groups or packs, that would be illegal). So it would also be illegal for male adults to impose their presence on females, girls and children. Men would have to care for themselves on their own: food, laundry, etc. No male above his age of puberty would be allowed to receive any kind of service from a female. Their life expectancy would probably drop to the age of 40, but that’s how things should be. Women’s life expectancy without men would rise to 130 years at least.

PIV (sex) would be illegal too of course, as well as the initiation of any verbal or physical contact to women and girls or boy children, unless solicited by a woman for specific matters. I’m not sure what to do about boy children. Obviously you know my opinion, but let’s say that’s up to the mother to decide what she wants to do before he turns of age to leave the female family circle.

In order to keep all men and post-pubescent boys busy, we’d send them to clean up the vast amounts of detritus, pollution and toxic wastes men have littered and almost killed the world with.

Sounds good. Men would clean up toxic waste dumps. Women would live till 130. At least until the Jihad gets here. From the comments...

The very use of the Word “Euthanasia” in this context is enough to bring about the Wrath of every male on the Planet, even the Good Ones (NTE activists) who talk about Suiciding themselves, amongst themselves...

Besides women Killing men, completely regardless to whether they deserve it (of course they do) or whether an uprising of this sort would adhere to natural law (it probably would, although our reluctance or aversion to actually doing it may have roots in our own natures) there are other ways that a Female Majority world might eventually happen. I would say that it is even Probable at this point, that Either we will end up with a Female Majority globally,

Or there will be no further human population at all.

Then mission accomplished?

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